What Do I Do?

I am often asked what I am currently doing. I am obviously not retired, and I don’t think I will ever retire in the traditional sense. I will slow down my pace as I continue to age but never stop doing Kingdom work. I think the scriptures are clear that retirement is physical death. Now, for some of us, we lose physical mobility or mental capacity as we age, and therefore our Kingdom work may look different than it did in other seasons of life. However, I am bothered by those who see their ministry or employment end at 65 or whatever age you choose. 

In each succeeding season of my life, I have found that God has provided the means for me to build upon what I had learned previously to do his work. Surely, it has looked different: Engineering, Business Consulting, Pastoring, Statistics Professor, Denominational Executive, Church Consultant, and now a Psychometrician. Each role built on the skills I worked on developing in earlier ones. It is a little hard to explain how I currently invest my time but let me try.

I develop assessment instruments for churches or organizations that want to assess a construct or area of interest to them. I also have created a suite of instruments that I use to help individuals better understand their A-game, which individuals or organizations purchase online at www.TrueWiring.com. And lastly, I explain, probe, and challenge leaders on a variety of instruments to work in their natural or most gifted manner. I call this a debrief.

I do three levels of debriefs, 1) a one-hour video, 2) a two-hour video, and 3) an eight-hour interactive face-to-face with their spouse. I really love what I do and will continue to do this for God to impact others as long as I have the physical, mental, and emotional capacity.

I was recently given the opportunity to do an abbreviated debrief with two founders of a software company in front of an audience which was recorded. Below is the link to the 35-minute recording of this debrief to give you a sense of what I do. Right now, this is my most enjoyable contribution to the Kingdom. It only took me 68 years to get here!


Start at minute 5 to save some time.






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