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Is your social media a resume or a journal?

You may ask yourself, what is the difference? A resume is written to accentuate your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. It is intended to make you look like you can handle anything a prospective role could throw at you. Whereas a journal is the deepest longings of your heart, mind, and soul. My journal is full of things I don’t want anyone else to see because it shows my depravity in full bloom. It is really what is going on inside of me as I bring it to my Lord and let him redeem it. So it is not pretty. I have told Mary Kay to burn my journals when I die.

So, is your social media image a resume or a journal? Only you know.

To clarify, I am not saying you should show all your junk on the internet. That is plain foolishness and exhibitionism. However, we can show our life in a realistic perspective.  Maybe we don’t photoshop the picture before putting it up. Maybe we don’t only write about the great things that happen, but possibly some of our struggles. 

This is easy for me to write as I don’t have too many social media accounts and seldom check them if I do. However, these blogs come right out of my journal and express much of what I am struggling with. At times I realize that I do want people to think I have “got it all together.” I must be careful to not present myself in that way. I am learning to write more honestly. I write this post to keep myself honest, I don’t want this blog to be one where I only portray myself in a positive light. 






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