Finishing well

These past few weeks have been really frantic for Mary Kay and me.  We are packing and purging, all the while trying to bring a 37-year season of life to closure.  During this time, we have raised our kids and loved our grandkids; I had four careers, and MK also had several, hopefully loved and impacted many friends and neighbors. 

In the past, my modus operandi has been to just move on.  I tend to be future-oriented, while Mary Kay is much more present-focused.  I am learning that I don’t finish well because of my tendency to “just move on” to the next thing. I am learning to learn from MK on how to finish well.

So, we have intentionally built into our calendars a lot of time to say goodbye to our family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.  I have had to tell myself this is all about learning to leave well. It is learning to finish well. 

Paul is doing this in 1 Timothy 4 as he writes to Timothy, his son in the faith.  He shares a lot of personal thoughts and feelings, and then he says he has finished the race.  He states that he desires to see Timothy one more time, but this intimate letter shows how to finish well.  He is not skirting the issues but addressing them honestly and transparently. 

This is what I am learning from Mary Kay to do. 






2 responses to “Finishing well”

  1. Mariann Strozier Avatar
    Mariann Strozier

    Congratulations, Greg and Mary Kay!!

  2. Scott Evans Avatar
    Scott Evans

    Whoa brother I didn’t think you took advice from anyone ! I’m joking ! Thank God for your honesty ! It teaches me that old dogs can learn new tricks ! Love you guys ! I pray all goes well with the move .

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